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Stress is a part of modern life, we feel its affects every day and rarely examine what is going on.

TRE exercises work directly with the body.

‘Trauma we have to reconceptualise as not an event but as the body’s reaction to an event’  Stephen Porges

Dr David Berceli developed the TRE exercises, a very simple tool to help the body begin a natural shaking process and let go of deeply held tension, recover from trauma and find a place of safety and calm.

Come and learn how to harness this innate ability: healing trauma. releasing stress, reclaiming health. TRE is for all body types fitness levels, and mobility.

After learning the exercises, it is good to practice on your own. It is also good to plan attending a few groups to get support and feedback on performing the exercises and working with the tremors.

Group Leader Geoff Johnson,  TRE Trainee Mentor and Provider.

To Book: contact Geoff:   or call 0208 904 6037.  Please include your telephone number.

Geoff is an experienced meditator, trainer and psychotherapist.

Some comments of participants 

It is the physicality of consciousness

Tension?   I found it so much fun.    

When I was a child I use to lie on my back on the earth and hear the sound of hum. It was like that.

See TRE in Action watch a video.

Click here for some great videos on TRE.