My Approach

Integrative Therapy

Everyone comes to therapy for different and important reasons.

Therapy begins with listening,

Bringing awareness to who we are and how we are.

Without awareness our past can encroach on present experience.

How we adjusted then becomes how we are now,

as if our life is not our own, is written for us.

Listening creates a space to understand,

to become free from the restrictive patterns of the past.

When we resolve our own issues, we have greater flexibility

in how we engage with others, respond to life.

That is in the expectation, what bought you to this place, are still here.

To find the word the correct word that takes us home.

There is no book to find these words.

We begin by listening to what is being said.

How to rekindle connection:

‘To gain or regain a sense of allegiance with our known places and along with that a sense of affirmation… that the place we have chosen is subtle, beautiful, and profound, worthy of our lives.’

Geoff trained in Core Process Psychotherapy at the Karuna Institute and was a staff member there for seven years.